Property Division

Georgia is an “equitable division state,” meaning that all assets and liabilities acquired or incurred during the marriage are fairly and equitably divided between the parties. Typically, assets and liabilities which existed prior to the marriage are not subject to equitable division except under certain circumstances. The division of property is often very straightforward; however, it can also be complicated, particularly in high-income, large-asset divorces. Levine Smith Snider & Coburn attorneys have many years of experience handling matters that require:

  • Specialized asset discovery
  • Financial expertise in matters of asset valuation, such as businesses, medical practices and significant investments
  • Analysis and determination of marital and non-marital property

The division of property during divorce is critical to your financial future – whether you have been the primary income producer or have relied upon your spouse for financial support. Each case is unique and our attorneys work diligently to discover marital assets and ensure that your financial situation, and that of your children, is stable after the divorce.