Child Custody and Child Support

At Levine Smith Snider & Coburn, we understand the impact that divorce has on children of all ages and we work diligently to act in the best interest of children and families.


Child custody matters encompass legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody involves each parent’s right to make major decisions regarding a child’s welfare. Physical custody and parenting time involve the determination of the time a child will be spending with each parent.

We will work with you to determine the best situation for your family and what is in your child’s best interest. In addition, we have experience with child custody issues involving grandparents and other family members.


Child support ensures that both parents continue to provide for their child upon the dissolution of the marriage or other relationship. The Georgia Child Support Worksheet is utilized to determine the appropriate amount of child support. The worksheet is primarily based upon both parties’ incomes, the amount of the health insurance premium paid on behalf of the child, work-related child care expenses and extraordinary educational and medical expenses for the child.

Having legal counsel that understands all aspects of child support is critical. Levine Smith Snider & Coburn attorneys have an in-depth understanding of child support in Georgia and will help you determine what is realistic based upon your situation.