Determining alimony or “spousal support” in a divorce matter is a critical component in the dissolution of the marriage. Many factors must be considered when establishing whether alimony will be awarded and, if it’s awarded, determining the appropriate amount and term of payments.

Georgia law does not provide a mathematical formula for determining the amount or the length of time for alimony payments and, therefore, judges and juries have significant latitude in determining an alimony award. Our attorneys will use their knowledge and prior experience to make a recommendation regarding both the alimony amount and length of payments. We will work diligently to uncover and understand all aspects of your financial situation to make sure your needs are met.


The amount of alimony, but not the term of alimony, may be modified if either party has a substantial change in income or financial status during the time period in which there is an alimony obligation. Our attorneys can help you determine if an alimony modification is appropriate and represent you accordingly.