The divorce process is typically one of the most stressful and emotional events a person will experience in his or her lifetime. Levine Smith Snider & Coburn understands the difficulties of divorce, and our experienced attorneys will guide you in making the best decisions for you and your family. We will educate you about your rights and represent you appropriately throughout the divorce process.

We handle all types of divorce actions, whether they are contested or uncontested, and we have vast experience with in complex, high-income and large-asset divorce matters, including those that require valuations of businesses or professional practices. We also routinely handle difficult child custody cases.


A contested divorce is one in which spouses cannot agree regarding every issue; however, this does not necessarily mean that the divorce cannot be resolved in a fair, reasonable and equitable manner. Levine Smith Snider & Coburn attorneys negotiate favorable and appropriate outcomes by focusing on the client’s goals and objectives. However, in the event a case cannot settle, our attorneys capably and effectively take cases to trial.


In the event that both parties are in agreement regarding every issue, our attorneys can simply draft and file the final documents necessary to implement the parties’ agreement.