David A. Garfinkel Joins National Association of Parental Alienation Specialists

February 2, 2017

David A. Garfinkel, of counsel attorney with Levine Smith Snider & Wilson, LLC, has become a member of the National Association of Parental Alienation Specialists (NAOPAS). A family law attorney for more than 30 years, he is the only Atlanta attorney who is a member of the organization.

“The role of parental alienation in divorce and post-divorce, is real. Unfortunately, there are few attorneys who have in-depth experience with the issue,” said Garfinkel. “As a family law attorney, I have handled many cases involving parental alienation over the years. I am proud to be a member of NAOPAS, an organization dedicated to shaping the future of high-conflict divorce and creating more compassionate solutions for children and families.”

NAOPAS was founded by several forensic psychologists who specialize in parental alienation. The goal of the organization is to be a resource for parents in high-conflict divorce cases, assisting them in finding experienced attorneys and mental health professionals who are trained in parental alienation and understand how to litigate such cases effectively. NAOPAS members, which include attorneys, judges and mental health professionals, have access to top thought leaders, the latest research and continuing education on the issue.

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